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ICGX is excited and proud to be the sole and official Digital and Technology Partner for the Global Tourism Economy Forum! On top of providing mobile app and event activation support this year’s GTEF event, we’ll also have booth at the event, happening between Oct 15-16, 2016.

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What is the GTEF?

The Global Tourism Economy Forum, or GTEF for short, started in 2012 as a way for both businesses and governments to collaborate and discuss how different industries can capitalize on tourism development and contribute to economic growth.

Industries that have participated in the past include those from:

  • Hospitality
  • Transportation
  • Tourism
  • Financial
  • Institutional & Government Bodies
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications

“When we’re talking about Tourism Economy, we’re not just talking about the interrelated industries such as tourism and hospitality; we’re talking about how different industries can capitalize on tourism development and in the end contribute to economic growth”

Pansy Ho
Vice Chairman and Secretary-General, Global Tourism Economy Forum

This year’s GTEF will centre around the official theme: “The Growing Consumer Class – Rethinking and Reshaping the Future Tourism Landscape”, with ministers and private sector CEOS of all industries sharing their experiences and aspirations in face-to-face discussions.

The Best Wayin Campaigns of 2017

Chatbots finally became useful, major brands pulled digital ad spend, and interactive experiences transformed omnichannel culture. Marketers focused on live visualizations, streaming, UGC collection, and results-driven marketing that was innovative and interactive.

So here’s our round-up of the most successful campaigns that were even more memorable than salt bae. From driving engagement to data acquisition, increasing sales to maximizing ROI, here’s our best of 2017.


  • Inspire authentic UGC to drive 85% new campaign visitors
  • Use multi-channel experiences to achieve 112% campaign ROI
  • Launch over 4,000 digital marketing campaigns within the first 18 months

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16 Reasons to Choose Wayin to Reduce Marketing Costs and Drive ROI

In the scramble to make more sales and secure new customers, acquisition and campaign costs can rapidly escalate, negatively impacting your bottom line. Sure, every time the sales bell rings, it’s good for business…but at what cost to your profit margin?

Proactive business leaders understand that an organization must not just grow at speed, but at scale too. That’s where the importance of reducing build and deployment costs comes in. And scaling back the erroneous bucks shelled out to agencies for the same campaigns, year after year.

In fact 93% of CMOs say that they are under more pressure to deliver measurable ROI.


The Wayin App Store will enable you to boost your profit margin, by empowering your teams to reduce costs at speed, and to scale. Removing the need for expensive and timely ideation and build cycles every time you need to connect with your audience.

Slashing marketing costs, as well as driving acquisition, boosting engagement and increasing conversions. All without compromising your goals.

Download our E-Book to learn more about our platform, namely:

  • 75+ campaigns to choose from
  • Simple to use with one-click global cloning
  • Easy to discover and curate UGC
  • Publish campaigns to any owned, earned and paid channels
  • Be GDPR ready with Wayin
  • Analyze campaign performance and hit KPIs
  • Leverage a personal library of reusable campaigns
  • Seamlessly push data to your CRM and DMP in real-time
  • Break data silos
  • Tap up our in-house experts
  • And much more…

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18 Campaign Ideas for the Holidays

Are you ready for the holidays?

Your audiences and consumers certainly are – whether it’s planning for a trip during Christmas, or surfing e-commerce platforms for insane deals during Chinese New Year.

As a marketer, there is no better opportunity to raise brand awareness and drive sales conversions than the holiday season. And the key to engaging consumers while they go about their holiday business is by keeping them constantly engaged with your brand on all digital channels.

But to that, you’re going to need campaign ideas. Lots of them. That’s why we’ve put together this Holiday Campaign Book, with 18 campaigns and case studies from the world’s biggest brand and media titles. From Christmas to Chinese New year, choose from our list of innovative and festive campaigns to engage your customers, drive action, increase sales.

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Download our 365 Days of Marketing Campaigns Lookbook!

As a marketer, how many times have you had to plan campaigns and marketing activities for:

  • Chinese New Year?
  • Christmas?
  • Mother’s Day?
  • Single’s Day?

For digital and offline campaigns alike, it’s not hard to think about what holidays and events you could run campaigns for. The best marketers can find virtually any excuse or recent trend to run a campaign.

The big question is, what kind of campaign?

To help you plan out your marketing calendar, we’ve put together a lookbook with 20 of our best digital campaigns – including those by Vodafone, the National Geographic, Daily Mail, Hawaiian Airlines, and Garmin. Fill out the form below and check your email for download!

10 Successful Travel Digital Marketing Campaigns

The Always-Connected Traveller is Always Evolving.

Digital transformation has empowered travel consumers, while fundamentally impacting the way they buy, experience and share their vacations – before, during and after their trip.

Download this campaign book to discover 10 ways you can engage today’s traveler on the digital path to purchase!

Learn How To:

  • Choose the best campaigns to drive engagement, click-throughs and booking conversions
  • Leverage your social channels by using the optimixal mix of branded and earned content
  • Deploy marketing campaigns that capture actionable data and deliver measurable ROI

On-Demand Webinar: The End of Advertising As We Know It, and What’s Next

Join renowned Forrester Analyst, James McQuivey, Reckitt Benckiser Chief Digital Officer, Adam Stewart and Wayin CEO, Richard Jones for an on-demand webinar as they discuss the latest research on the changes of digital advertising, and how the industry will evolve to better connect brands to consumers. A must watch for anyone in marketing, digital and advertising that wants to get ahead of the game.

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  • People no longer engage with ads. In fact 50% of people actively avoid them.
  • Consumers have had enough of ads they can’t interact with that interrupt their browsing experience.
  • Ad experiences need to become new and innovative like they once were a long time ago if they want to connect with consumers.
  • Brands need to focus on delivering experiences within ads that pique consumer interest and encourage engagement.


Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 15.44.49


Download our Free Food and Beverage Campaign Lookbook!

What foods make your customers happy? Or more importantly, how do you find out?

Knowing what your customers like to eat, and when, can mean the difference between bankruptcy and business success.

Learn how fast food chains like Dominoes and McDonald’s, as well as more upscale restaurants like Aria Resort and Casino’s Five 50, learned about their customer preferences and gathered valuable data for marketing.

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12 Ways To Engage Consumers During The Holidays

From Singles Day in China to the shopping frenzy that is Christmas and Chinese New Year, the holiday season is prime time for retailers and marketers.

And whether you’re riding on the season to do some serious branding or putting in a final effort to meet revenue goals before the year ends, you’re going to need a solid plan.

Is your marketing team ready for the holiday season? Download a free copy of Wayin’s Holiday Campaign Lookbook below and see how 12 top brands used the our Campaign Experience Platform to launch successful holiday campaigns, enabling them to increase engagement, capture rich audience data and drive sales conversions.

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Download the full Bauer Media Case Study Report

Bauer Media is leading the way when it comes to engaging audiences with relevant and interactive digital advertising – giving their advertisers and sponsors up to 52% conversion rate for ad-units , as well as up to $250,000 revenue from one single sponsorship campaign.

Discover the secret behind Bauer Media’s success by downloading the full case study below.

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Forrester Research Cites 3 Reasons Why CMOs are Losing Hope in Digital Display Ads

In early 2017, for reasons of ineffectiveness and lack of transparency in media spending, P&G Chief Brand Officer Marc S. Pritchard declared it would hold media and agency partners to a higher level of accountability. “The days of giving digital a pass are over.” “It’s time to grow up. It’s time for action.”

This piece of news is but one of the most shocking trends we’ll see this year – that CMOs of some of the world’s biggest enterprises are re-evaluating the effectiveness of their digital spend, starting by moving budget away from digital display advertising. This is surprising, considering that the previous trend was a shift toward digital spending in general. What just happened?

Forrester’s new report names 3 core reasons that are forcing CMOs from the world’s biggest multinational corporations to shift budgets, and in doing so, shift the entire digital marketing landscape as we know it. Read more below!

Reason 1: Display Advertising never worked like we pretended

It’s the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about. If you thought TV ads were bad, just look at the current state of digital display ads. All across the world, the average click-through rate (that is, whether or not somebody clicks on your ad) is less than 1%.

Yet the sheer amount of money we pour into digital advertising tells a different story. In 2016 alone, 7.4 billion USD was spent on poor-quality ad placement.

Now if display ads were effective, P&G’s Chief Brand Officer wouldn’t have to lay down the hammer, and we wouldn’t be writing this blog piece.

But such is the trend that Forrester predicts – that while many companies will still be pumping cash into display ads, thinking “if it’s not broken, why fix it?”, many of the world’s biggest spending CMOs are now beginning to realize, “it’s broken – why use it?”

Reason 2: Consumers have options for getting what they want without interruptions

Imagine we went back to a time where YouTube ads didn’t exist: where we could seamlessly watch videos without having to wait 5 seconds to skip an ad.

Of course, services need money to survive, and advertising interruptions are best way for these companies to stay afloat. Services like Google, which made 79.4 billion USD in 2016 by “interrupting” people’s search engine experiences with paid advertising.

Facebook made 26.9 billion in ad revenue by allowing companies to insert advertising into user’s personal feeds.

These methods of generating ad revenue work because people don’t have any choice BUT to view your advertising. But they do now; just take ad-blocking for example. Ad-blocking, which has advertisers of all kinds scrambling for solutions, is becoming so commonplace that smartphone manufacturers and browser developers in APAC are pre-installing ad blockers into their products.

The more people install ad-block software, the more they’ll get used to the fact that they don’t have to view ads ever again – so much so that the next time they see an ad, they’ll react to it even more negatively.

In the end, all of this is bad news for the marketer. Not only are we not getting the clicks with audiences who do see our ads, but there is even a growing portion of audiences who won’t ever see it in the first place.

And if people won’t even care about or see our display ads, why do we still spend so much money on it?

Reason 3: Astonishing, actionable data can unlock more insight and value

Consumer data – collecting it, analysing it, applying it – has become the focus for many digital-savvy CMOs. With it, they are able to gain a holistic picture of exactly who their customers are, and how to cater to their wants at the precise moment and location.

Which is why instead of pumping out as many digital display ads as they can, CMOs are thinking about how they can save ad budget while increasing audience penetration through quality targeting. This means more investment into the manpower and marketing technologies that can help them collect, centralize and analyse consumer data.

Stephanie Shore, the CMO of MOO, once said these wise words: “If you think the problem is not having enough money to shout the same message 20 times, think again and talk softly.”

Wrapping up – Brands and Audiences both want a Deeper Relationship

The 3 key reasons we mentioned above all point to one thing the current state of advertising doesn’t give – that both brands and audiences are seeking deeper, more meaningful relationships.

In other words, the tired static banner ads and auto-playing videos are no longer enough. Rather, high-frequency, emotion-rich, and hyperconvenient interactive experiences are the key to achieving higher engagement and building a fun, interactive relationship between brands and their audiences.

And this can be done without breaking the bank. The Wayin App Store revolutionizes the way marketers create, build and deliver ads and brand experiences across all digital channels. This ever-growing collection of innovative digital experiences and services make it easy and cost effective to create bespoke interactive ads and marketing campaigns that engage consumers across every digital touchpoint.

The time has come for boring display advertising to step aside, and for interactive brand experiences to help marketers give audiences a reason to click. Learn more about what Forrester has to say about the end of advertising by downloading our free report below.

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