Marketing with Momentum – Making the most out of your campaigns

22 November 2016

Marketing with Momentum – Making the most out of your campaigns


If you’ve ever been to any semi-reputable theme park, chances are you’ll run into one of these.

Up, down, back up, and back down again. The swinging pirate ship is a classic ride that packs everything one could like about a theme park thrill; an endless cycle of nerve-shredding exhilaration that keeps riders coming back for more.

When done right, this is how our marketing campaigns should be like. Let’s break it down:

The wind-up

From the moment riders are strapped in, the boat begins its slow, upwards wind-up. We’ll equate this phase with the planning stage of your first marketing campaign.

First marketing campaigns, whether by new businesses or as part of a new strategic initiative, often require more time to plan out the basics from scratch; from things like target audiences, to the best campaign types and topics that resonate with them.

The down-swing

All that anticipation built up during the wind-up is released in a rush of adrenaline-induced bliss – the few key seconds of nirvana that keeps die-hard theme park-goers back time and time again for more.

In marketing, this phase would be the execution stage. This is where prospects become loyal customers, whether through engaging content or enticing incentives.

…and back up and down again

Thanks to the momentum generated from the initial wind-up and down-swing, the boat takes a much shorter time to sway from one side to the other, over, and over again.

Similarly in marketing, a successfully executed campaign generates momentum too, whether it’s increased brand noise, a newly acquired social media following, or more emails to include into your CRM.

Question is, how can marketers effectively utilize this momentum in a way that can make future campaigns more effective?

To answer this question, let’s take a recent campaign by HKTV Mall, a Hong Kong-based e-commerce platform.



The Campaign

HKTV Mall ran a very straightforward giveaway campaign to promote their e-commerce app. By downloading the app and making an online account with them, you could win 4 million Hong Kong dollars towards buying property – which is a big deal in this city, considering that it could cost at least $3.87 million Hong Kong dollars to buy a home the size of a parking space.

As far as incentives go, this one more than just rocked the boat:



HKTV Mall’s campaign not only generated a ton of new app downloads and opt-ins, but they also managed to chalk up an impressive 200% phone penetration rate.

However, with all the new app downloads and accounts, the next important step becomes making sure your new customers stay on-board and use the app.

To do that, there are 2 key things HKTV Mall can do to utilize its momentum effectively and efficiently.

Improve audience re-targeting and campaign performance with data capture

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it…and such is true for marketers that don’t use campaign and user data to improve subsequent ones in the future.

“Data capture” is the key here – without it, you would have no way to quantify what you did right and wrong, and thus what to repeat/never do again. Thankfully, HKTV Mall is sitting on a gold mine of precious data that can be put to good use. Things like:

  • Customer details captured via opt-in forms, including their birth date, mobile number, gender, etc…
  • Browsing behaviours on the campaign site
  • The number of times people clicked the buy button

This data is part of the momentum that can be used to accurately profile and re-target audiences for when the next campaign rolls around.

For example, the mandatory inclusion of a birth date during campaign opt-in can give HKTV Mall the insight to determine the average age of its app users, and thus a general idea of what kind of marketing or products tug their heart strings.

Want more examples? Download Wayin’s white paper on “The Rise of Data-driven Marketing” here.


Keep rocking the boat

You’ve got the momentum – why stop now? Give your fans a reason to keep coming back for more by following up with more in-app campaigns and promotions.

And if you’re worried about spending past your marketing budget, there are some cost-effective ways to continue to engage the customer, including.

  • Consistently publishing content and engaging fans on social media
  • Running repeatable campaigns on a weekly, at least monthly basis (e.g. Quiz/product promotion of the week)
  • Using your newly acquired audience contacts to run an effective email marketing strategy


Wrapping up

All in all, HKTV Mall spent a whopping amount of money on driving audiences. Some may argue that the incentive-focused tactic itself is ineffective in getting customers to actually use their app – which is presumably the end goal of their campaign.

But whatever people say, the fact now is that HKTV Mall’s newly-gained audiences, app downloads and customer data is the momentum they need to swing to higher heights.

In fact, if their 4 million dollar-incentive can capture 4m emails and phone numbers, the cost to gain just one HKTV Mall account will be $1.5 – A very high ROI.

And as is the case with many of our own Wayin-subscribed clients, having the ability to quickly create a multitude of campaigns, collect user data, and analyze/improve campaign performance can have a positive impact on customer retention and long-term cost-savings.