Wayin – The Digital Campaign CMS in a Nutshell

24 February 2017

Wayin – The Digital Campaign CMS in a Nutshell

Not too long ago, Wayin was known in the market to be solely a social media curation tool. While it still is, we are also pleased to (re)announce that is also so much more.

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What is a Digital Campaign CMS?

Since June of last year, Wayin has become a tool that offers brands the ability to build, run, and collect data from their digital campaigns from a centralized platform.


Drag-and-drop Campaign Building

Using a drag-and-drop style template builder, Wayin can help you build a wide range of digital experiences, including but not limited to:

  • A variety of quiz types
  • Meme generators
  • User submission photo/video competitions
  • Social hubs
  • Social voting

Advanced customizations can also be made on top of the templates provided by the platform.


Clone, re-skin, and re-run with the Campaign App Library

The sad thing about many of the brilliant online experiences you see today is that many of them are simply discarded after their first use. Brands and agencies invest in manpower to develop them, and seeing all that time, money, and effort go to waste is something we have taken upon ourselves to remedy.

Wayin’s Campaign App Library lets you pick from a range of template campaigns developed either by us, other clients who use us, or even developed by your own brand. All you have to do is choose a template, re-design it, and re-run it for an all-new marketing campaign.


Data Generation and Collection

Data is the lifeblood of business – whether it is data on customer preferences, or personal information captured from online contests.

Wayin lets you centralize all that data onto a single platform for easy analysis and exporting to your own Data Management Platforms.

A few of examples of analytics you can conduct include:

  • Campaign A/B testing
  • Audience analysis
  • Social media metrics

For example, if you ever wanted to reward the audiences who repeatedly engage with your brand online, Wayin can help you identify them – giving your marketers an easy way to make loyal customers happy.

What can Wayin do for you?

Whether you’re a brand or and agency, Wayin can help you to…

Save Costs

In one year since 2015, Vodafone ran 391 campaigns across 21 markets around the world, saving a jaw dropping amount of digital campaign costs.

The source of the savings? By taking campaign creation into their own hands, there was less of a need to heavily invest in technical manpower. Meaning more money for things that matter.

Run More Campaigns Using Less Development Time

Bauer Media revitalized their online editorials and platforms with attractive quizzes, giveaways, and more. With the ability to both create customize campaigns AND clone them for future use, more than 2000+ campaigns have been run across all their channels up to date.

Make Banner Ads Great Again

The first ever banner ad had an astounding click-through rate of 43%. Nowdays, the average click-through rate is about 0.06%, with half of that being accidental clicks.

The reason? Banner ads are boring and, simply put, non-interactive. To combat this, Rogers used Wayin to create a sponsorship opportunity with the Toronto Blue Jays, creating an interactive banner ad that asked Blue Jays fans to share a message to the baseball team.

Everything, from typing in the message, to displaying a heat map of fan conversations, all took place within the banner ad. No pop ups, no strings attached.

Drive Online Purchases

The Royal Hawaiian Resort embedded a social hub on its website to showcase beautiful holiday photos and videos from resort-goers, increasing online bookings from its website home page by 25%.

This type of “shoppable UGC” turns social hubs into an authentic way brands can promote itself through the genuine advocacy of its fans. In short, social media can in fact increase sales.

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