Introducing the Wayin Meme Generator

15 February 2017

Introducing the Wayin Meme Generator

One of the core features of Wayin is its ready-made library of “campaign apps” that marketers can simply create and clone digital experiences without the need for heavy technical investment.

This is in stark contrast from the highly customized – and highly expensive – digital experiences that brands hire agencies to create. Because why spend all that money just to create something that looks and functions more or less the same as every other brand’s digital experience?

And just because our campaigns come in templates doesn’t mean they can’t be innovative. Let’s take a look at one of our more popular campaign styles – the Meme Generator.

Introducing the Meme-Generator

What’s in a meme?

Most people who have been around the internet long enough know what memes are. They can be found everywhere – from social media, to forums of all subcultures and sizes. Perhaps the biggest thing that makes memes so prevalent and popular is how easy it is to make one. All you need is an image and the classic top text/bottom text format – which can be quickly added using a variety of online meme generators.

The true value of a meme is its ability to be simultaneously repeatable AND viral – essentially giving regular folks the potential to create their own content to break the internet.

Wayin Meme Generators

For marketers, we take Meme Generators a step further by giving them full customization over their “meme templates”.

Things like the placement of text, branded image frames and content templates let fans have fun creating their own content WITHIN the context of the brand.

One particular great Meme Generator campaign was run by Powershop in New Zealand. During the US elections, they designed a “Trump Meme Generator” that brought the American president’s beautiful blond hair to life – using iconic quotes about walls, small hands, and a microphone.

Another cool Meme Generator campaign was also run by Rogers. As a sponsor of the Toronto Blue Jays, Rogers gathered Blue Jays fan messages using a Meme Generator that was embedded on Double Click ads. Fans could then type in their own personalized messages directly onto the ad unit – without having to go to a separate page (though a stand-alone page does exist).

Why should marketers care about Meme Generator campaigns?

Other than being fun and easy to make, marketers should strongly consider harnessing the power of memes in their campaigns for the following reasons:

Fans more willing to create and share authentic content on social

Meme generators take the best of both worlds from branded content and UGC. While sharing purely branded content can be seen as overly “hard-sell”, audiences can feel a sense authentic ownership for the content they co-created with your brand – which gives them a more convincing reason to share it with others on social.

Brand loyalty happens

It’s worth emphasizing the act of co-creation between the brand and the fan. Just like how great friends are made, loyalty is something that happens when a fan has a positive experience WITH the brand. Contrast that with most Facebook wall games with prize giveaways. While these are common, they have nothing compared to this when it comes to earning brand loyalty, and may sadly only be good for attracting prize hunters.

Great content inspires great ideas

Meme Generators can be a brand’s way of inviting audiences to engage with it by being the one to take the first step. With most of the content ideation and development work done, it is easier for fans to fill your Meme Generator their own ideas, inspired by yours.

They’re cheap and easy to run

Creating Meme Generators isn’t rocket science – at least, not when you already have the tools to do it. Even with advanced customizations, creating Meme Generators with Wayin will be far cheaper than hiring heavy technical manpower to build one from the ground up.

You get the idea.

Now here are 2 more examples of great Wayin Meme Generator campaigns run by the Evening Standard and the Hallmark Channel. Try them, and talk to us if you have a cool Meme Generator you’d like to try!

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